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GBA 恶魔城 - 白夜协奏曲 キャッスルヴァニア 白夜の協奏曲 Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

GBA 0576 - 恶魔城 - 白夜协奏曲


游戏恶魔城 白夜协奏曲
日文キャッスルヴァニア 白夜の協奏曲
英文Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
平台Game Boy Advance

作为该系列登陆GBA平台的第二款作品,发售于2002年6月6日的《恶魔城 白夜协奏曲》有着与前作“月轮”风格迥异的明亮画面以及更鲜明的游戏特色,游戏获得了欧美媒体的盛赞,很多人称其为“月下夜想曲”在GBA上的翻版,为GBA平台提供了一个良好的作品范本,游戏评分也大多在9分(10分制)以上。


Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance is chronologically set 50 years after Castlevania II: Simon's Quest and 44 years before Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.

Two years prior to the game's beginning, Maxim Kischine left on a training expedition in order to cope with his self doubt after Juste Belmont was chosen over him to receive the legendary whip of the Belmont Clan, the Vampire Killer. Two years later, Maxim returned from his training expedition, badly wounded and with startling news: a childhood friend of Juste and Maxim by the name of Lydie Erlanger had been kidnapped. Maxim had also lost a great deal of his memory of the events of the past 2 years. Even so, he was able to lead Juste to the site of the disappearance, where they encountered a castle that hadn't been there previously. Juste hurried into the castle as Maxim recuperated in the entry way, promising to join Juste later.

As the story unfolds, Juste discovers that Maxim, in his eagerness to prove himself, had attempted to emulate the actions of Simon Belmont; he had gathered Dracula's remains in an attempt to resurrect the Dark Count, so that he could defeat Dracula himself. Something went wrong, however, and Maxim wound up possessed by Dracula's evil influence. Knowing this, Juste set out to collect the remains himself so that he could destroy them in order to save both Maxim and Lydie. After locating Lydie and the remains, Juste goes confront Evil Maxim again.

When they meet, Evil Maxim welcomes him, claiming that he doesn't have any remains of old Maxim living within him, and that thanks to the blood of Lydie, he's gained great power. After taunting Juste, he proceeds to battle him. Even though Maxim is severely wounded in the fight, he stands up uneasily, clutching his head. He notices that Juste is wearing both his own and Maxim's bracelets and, newly motivated by his friend, tries to fight off the dark influence. He tells Juste to kill him off while he still can restrain his evil side, but then, Dracula's remains start to fly away from Juste and form a circle. The evil influence then leaves Maxim's body and, using the power of his remains, manages to take Dracula's form through the remains, albeit unstable, claiming that the Belmont's blood will once again make him whole. After a fierce battle, Dracula Wraith is burned away, causing the castle to dissolve.

Outside, Maxim returns to normal. He asks about Lydie, but Juste claims she'll be all right. Maxim apologizes to Juste and the Belmont just tells him it's all behind them now. Lydie then comes to her senses, telling her friends, confused, that she thinks she's been bitten by Maxim. Juste tells her it probably was just a nightmare. Maxim protests, saying that they should tell her the truth, but Juste tells him to be quiet. As Lydie notices Maxim, he and Juste quarrel and are actually close to fighting but Lydie calms them down, saying they're ruining the moment and that they'll talk about it back home. She then says that it has been a long time since they were home...

文件名: 恶魔城 - 白夜协奏曲[施珂昱](简)(JP)(64Mb).zip
文件大小: 5137626 字节 (4.90 MB)
MD5: 7B03AE248979050F41EAED0CD4A69C5A
SHA1: 29D9ED83CA80F8834B9478888B9F5868488DC841
CRC32: A6DA44E4

文件名: 恶魔城 - 白夜协奏曲[盗版&Hbs](繁)(JP)(64Mb).zip
文件大小: 6290349 字节 (6.00 MB)
MD5: 2A37EE2C2535D93107F3D561398240C0
SHA1: A25E3BE439E0CEA8FB39615BD5E521C92E49C064
CRC32: 3B53A378